Welcome to Eco-Loos

We make compost toilets for your garden, campsite, allotment or any outside space where there is no mains sewer or water supply

Built to order and ready to use

Our compost toilets arrive on a pallet, pre-erected and ready to use. They are built to order and delivered to you within 4 weeks

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Call 01269 871774 or Email eco-loos@hotmail.co.uk for further details or a friendly, no obligation quote

What our customers say

"...the quality of the build is fantastic, delivered right to the spot where we wanted it…Thank you so much Irene and your crew…"
Sam - An Eco-loos customer

Affordable composting toilets

Affordable, user friendly, waterless toilets
No steps to climb, no huge bins to empty - just easy access, easy maintenance units
Small Eco-Loo
900mm(w) x 1200mm(d)
£1,295.00 plus delivery
Large Eco-Loo
1200mm(w) x 1200mm(d)
£1,495.00 plus delivery
Disabled Access Eco-Loo
1550mm(w) x 1550mm(d)
£2,250.00 plus delivery
Separett Villa 9000
Seperating Compost Toilet
£625 plus delivery

Built to order with speedy delivery

Prices start at just £1,295.00 plus delivery
Built to order and delivered within 4 weeks
Now with optional mens urinal unit and child seat