About Us

We build compost toilets to order. Composting toilets are an affordable, environmentally friendly and easier alternative to a mains fed outside toilet. They are suitable for your garden, campsite, allotment or any outside space where there is no mains water supply or sewer. Our timber cubicles are built with FSC standard timber and we try to use as much recycled and reusable components as possible. Some of our customers include forest school sites, solar farms, fishing lakes, archery clubs, stables, nursery schools and community gardens. We are currently working with a large solar farm installer, putting our composting toilets onto all their new solar farm projects around the country.

We run a smallholding in Wales and have built our own compost toilets for the garden, and for our guests that come and stay on our camp site. We have first-hand experience of how well these work. We were asked to build a compost loo by one of our guests who wanted one for their garden. This saved the need for plumbing into the mains sewer and avoided the risk of freezing up in the winter months. So we decided to market our Eco-Loos and here we are.

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