Eco-Loo Toilet Only Kits

Eco-loos are pleased to announce that we are now supplying a toilet only option. A simpler version of the same quality as other units in our range, but without the timber cubicle.

In the package you will get the toilet built in FSC plywood timber (left unfinished for you to decorate how you wish), with a sturdy laminated lid, complete with a genuine Separett compost toilet and seat. Two solid waste bins and one urine container come as standard with a laminated instruction sheet.

These units are similar in design to the toilets that come with our compost toilet cubicles. They are ideal for individuals to have on their boat, in the allotment shed or any outdoor space where mains toilets are not an option. Ideal if you already have a suitable building or little house to put them in.

£715 including VAT plus £45 delivery. In stock and ready to ship within a week. No waiting.

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