Portable Mains Fed Toilets

*Mains fed outdoor toilets*

We are now able to offer a mains fed portable toilet. Complete with a china toilet and cistern, a stainless steel hand washing sink, with the option of a hot water feed, these units are ideal if you are on mains sewage and mains water. Ideal for the bottom of the garden, self-build projects or situations where you can plumb into the mains.

Our mains fed loo cubicles are to the same high standard as our composting loos, built the same way, so no unsightly blue plastic cabins, just a good looking timber cubicle. We are also able to fit the waterless urinal into the medium and disabled access cubicles used in our compost toilets.


Prices are the same as the compost toilets, the hot water system costs an additional £275.00. Please contact us for more information.

As with the compost toilets these mains fed units are delivered to you fully assembled and ready for your plumber to fit to the mains outlets.

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